What Does the DOJ Expect From You: Schedule C Explained

6 Mar

This FREE 3-Part webinar series will provide a step by step guide to ‘Schedule C’ – a list of elements found in recent deferred prosecution agreements by the Department of Justice (DOJ).  Register HERE for times convenient to Asia. (It’s noon, Singapore time, over one day a week for three weeks.)

In this webinar series I argue that Schedule C provides a colour-by-numbers guide to compliance. I will cover each of the ‘Schedule C’ elements and describe what they mean and how to implement them in a robust yet cost-effective way.

This webinar series is NOT just for US companies. For those organisations outside of the US which are still subject to FCPA enforcement, it can be argued that following Schedule C, while taking into account local anti-bribery law’s specifics, will certainly lead to “adequate” procedures. Particularly in jurisdictions where authorities may have been less explicit about their expectations.

Dates and Times

Wednesday 21st March, 12pm SGT (4am GMT)

Wednesday 28th March, 12pm SGT (5am GMT)

Wednesday 4th April, 12pm SGT (5am GMT)


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