Top 10

30 Jun

Just as a matter of interest, here are the front-page results from a search of “FCPA” on Google.

  1. Wikipedia’s entry on FCPA
  2. DOJ’s page on FCPA
  3. Foley & Lardner’s FCPA Explained page.  [ed. note: Really? Foley & Lardner?  I know they’re into FCPA, but they must have some really good SEO people to get #3]
  4. @FCPA on Twitter [ed. note: who runs that?]
  5. Fairfax County Park Authority.  [ed. note: Who knew Fairfax County was so popular?]
  6. Dick Cassin’s FCPA Blog
  7. World Check’s FCPA page
  8. Another link to Dick Cassin’s FCPA Blog [ed. note: yes, he’s that good]
  9. My This Week in FCPA partner Tom Fox’s blog, FCPA Compliance & Ethics Blog
  10. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Reporting Center.  I’ve never heard of it, or it’s “sponsor” Kyros & Pressly.  It appears to be a whistleblower attorney page.

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