Who is Hughes Hubbard?

29 Jun

That’s not a serious question; everyone knows it’s a good firm.  It’s been around for a while (the latter part of the 1800s).  The White Collar & Compliance team isn’t that big: about 30 lawyers come up when you search under that practice group firm-wide.  And I don’t think it’s particularly well-known in the FCPA space.  That is, I’ve never heard of any of their FCPA lawyers (take that as you will).  Their head of FCPA is a guy named Kevin Abikoff, who, from his bio, seems like a serious guy, and is one of the few outside counsel I’ve seen that actually has real in-house experience.  It’s smart that HH puts videos he’s done in his bio page (although in that American Lawyer interview, I’m not sure if I would have gone with a silver tie to go with the white shirt and light grey suit, but that’s just me).  I’m not convinced that combining FCPA with Internal Investigations practice puts them in the right position.  At least it’s under a corporate compliance rubric.  So it seems like they’re serious, if not subject-area heavy hitters.

But wow, can they put out work product.  In a publication rivaling the Shearson Year-End report, HH put out a Spring Alert 2011.  Weighing in at 349 pages—yes, 349 pages—it includes an overview of the UK Bribery Act, and a writeup of all criminal settlements, DPAs, and even related civil cases.  It includes an analysis of recent trends and even goes through efforts to reform the FCPA.

It also begins with an overview of where FCPA prosecutions have been going, and what’s up next.  I can’t pretend that their analysis contains particularly penetrating insights, but it certainly covers the basics, and does so very well.  The material also includes some foreign jurisdiction investigations of which frankly I was unaware, so good on them.

Any associate out there who wants to get into this very hot area—hot, and looking like it’s only getting hotter—would be well-advised to download the report.  By the way, everyone should send a letter to HH, via Mr. Abikoff, thanking them for keeping this publicly available, and for free.  Very generous.  In fact, as soon as I’m done with this, I’m going to do just that.


UPDATE: The universe likes to show me how dumb I am sometimes: the day after I wrote this post, Hughes Hubbard & Reed took the #1 spot on American Lawyer’s A-List of firms.  Congratulations to HH&R!  I’ll be home wiping off the egg on my face.  Anyone want omelets?


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