Do You Take Sugar With Your Chai?

13 May

I love randomness.  My piece of random happened today as I flew back from London.  [ed. note: Ahh…London.]  Anyway, on the plane, I sat next to a college junior flying back from a semester abroad, in Kenya.  She mentioned that when she got there, her hosts told her about the local police.  If she got stopped by the local cops, she was told, she should ask them, “do you take sugar with your chai [tea]?”  If they said yes, that meant that they were amenable to accepting a bribe, and would let her go.  She also said, very matter-of-fact, that “oh, yeah, you can’t do anything in Kenya without a bribe.”

This is what we’re up against, people.


Also, I wanted to pass along that my friends at Chadbourne & Parke, Ollie Armas and Scott Peeler, along with Board-obligations maven Heidi Lawson, (and some people I don’t know), have started their own UK Bribery Act site.  New voices are always welcome, and these particular voices have some serious FCPA mojo behind them, and I consider them worth listening to.


My colleague Tom Fox and I will be posting our third episode of This Week in FCPA on Monday afternoon (late afternoon).  Check back over at This Week in FCPA.


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