This Week In…

2 May

There are a few “This Week In…” video podcasts that I’m a fan of.  iPad Today (which really is misnamed: it’s a weekly show), This Week In Startups, and a couple of others.

So when Tom Fox and I, over dinner, started talking about how we could collaborate on something, the idea of a weekly videocast sounded pretty good.

The result is This Week in FCPA.  (

Every week, Tom and I will talk about the latest developments in anti-corruption.  This week, episode #1, we talk about the UK Bribery Act and whether and how companies should react; we discuss the recent Johnson and Johnson deferred prosecution agreement with its interesting new Schedule D; and we discuss the state-owned entities challenges that have been the commentators flavor of the month.  We also chat about contract provisions, audit rights, and a few other things.

We’re hoping it’ll be an interesting addition to the profession of anti-corruption.


One Response to “This Week In…”

  1. Barry Vitou May 2, 2011 at 2:41 pm #

    Hey. Great idea. If you two want some input from your London correspondent give us a shout. Will you be saving it so that I can download as a podcast to my iPod? Now that really would be purrrfect.

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